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Why Men Push Away Their Perfect Girl

  • Why  Guys  Reject  Their Ideal  Girl

    When Holly met  Colin 3 years ago , she thought  they were perfectly suited  for each other . They shared the same  sense of humor  and  loved  the same  cinema  and television  shows . Plus they  both wanted kids  in the next 5  years .

    Even their favorite childhood book  was the same  - The Velveteen Rabbit - a sweet  coincidence that Colin  often  pointed out  when friends  asked about how they met .

    So when he  unexpectedly  ended the relationship  one wet  October day, she felt  totally  blindsided.

    "I can't  comprehend  what changed how he felt ," she explained  "He once  told me that he'd written down  a list  when he was younger  of the important things  he wanted  in the mother of his children , and that I'd checked off  every last one . Not only that,  just last month  he was talking about   vocal  lessons  so he could serenade me  at our wedding."

    Sadly , this story  is far from unique . According to dating and relationship expert Clayton Max,  it's not unusual at all  for a man  to suddenly  retreat from  a partner  , even if they seem perfect together .

    "Something that many women  don't  understand ," Max said  "is it doesn't matter  how well suited  a woman  is for him  'theoretically '. She could  check  every box  on his list, but when it comes to moving the relationship forward, he still might panic . "

    That's because,  regardless of  taking pride in  being logicaland sensible , Max claims , "Men  do not  choose  a woman  based on  who is the most  logical  option  for them. Instead , they choose  the person  that  makes them FEEL certain things."

    What things?

    Max says that  men  are instinctively  more  scared  of commitment  than women , however  their minds  actually  are  pre-wired with a mechanism that overrides  this worry  with the ideal  woman .


    Max calls this  The Infatuation Instinct , and when it's activated , it essentially  closes down  the part of his mind  that feels worried . Suddenly  his thoughts  of doubt are relaxed , he feels a sense of confidence about the woman , and he's prepared  to move mountains to be with her.

    When deciding  between a woman  that  makes rational sense  to  him  and  one who 's triggered  his primal  infatuation instinct , guys  will  see their future with  the one who 's sparked  his infatuation impulse  every  time .

    So what are Max's  recommendations  for a woman  who  wants a man  to commit more  deeply to her?

    1. Take  things the way the are

    A big  mistake that  women make, is wishing guys  were different than they are. But he  can no more control  these  feelings  of panic  he feels around  commitment  than a woman can control her feelings  of wanting to commit .

    As a matter of fact , when he really feels  misunderstood  for  not being sure , it   further contributes to  the stress and anxiety  and shame  he  has inside , making him more likely to run away  instead of trying to figure  things  out .

    When you acknowledge  that this is   the way men arebuilt , and resist the urge to pressure him,  it provides  you  room  to focus on  what YOU CAN DO to  make him sure  - activating  his infatuation impulse .

    2. Don't focus  on trying to convince  him

    The majority of  women get stuck in  trying  to be his  'dream girl ' , by showering him with  all the 'good girlfriend ' qualities , like  being an excellent  listener, being loyal, attentive, generous, and seductive .

    They'll list  out all the reasons they're a good  suit , or they'll simply  try  to figure out  what qualities he desires  in a partner , so they can display them when he's around.

    In either case , they're trying  to appeal to  his 'rational  brain ', which in this instance  is not running the show .

    Women   do this over and over , despite the fact that this approach  practically  never ever  succeeds , leaving them disappointed , and angry  when the man  ends up  leaving her for  someone  that  has practically  none of the qualities  he claims  he wants .

    3. Concentrate on  activating  his infatuation impulse

    The only surefire  way of getting a guy  to commit with his whole  heart, so he's completely  confident  a woman  is the one for him, is to trigger  his infatuation instinct .

    A man 's infatuation impulse  is activated  by a few  very specific characteristics in a woman . Traits  like intrigue , boundaries, and  uncertainty , which stir  a feeling  of excitement  and an intense desire  to follow her .

    While  the majority of  women   try  to show her man  just how  dedicated  they are  to him hoping  that this will  make him feel safe    to open  his heart, this usually  just  builds on  the stress  he feels , because  at this moment , he's even more  terrified  of losing his freedom and personality  than losing her.

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