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Mens Leather Duffel Bags

  • Handmade Leather Duffel Bags

    Our Handmade Leather Duffel bags look sophisticated and always stand apart constantly drawing in attention. The attention to information and quality from stitching to leather option always produces a stylish leather duffle bag that is timeless in appearance. Our Handmade Leather Satchel are long lasting and resistant, ideal for securely carrying your valuable products. All of our bags have both exterior and interior pockets, thoroughly developed for the storage of your daily clothing and other devices.

    Mens Leather Duffel Bags

    Most of our leather bags have a compartment to store a laptop computer and a big primary section. Our leather duffle bags are equipped with soft leather manages and an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap that make sure comfort during transportation. Our handmade leather duffle bags will always be trustworthy for any brief journey weekend trip or longer journey. They allow items to be put in a comfortable, compact and safe method, so you can access them easily and quickly whenever you want. They are versatile bags that can be carried at any time and on any event.


    Knapsack for Guys

    Please note that our products are handmade and each piece is unique due to the nature of the leather and the workmanship of the artisans. The look of each leather satchel will differ a little from piece to piece and might have natural acnes. This is what makes the leather craftsmen product so distinct and adds to its' ' character. Our leather items are made using full grain leather, which implies that the leather originates from the top layer of the conceal. This premium, resilient leather is the best option if you are trying to find a lasting leather product.

    Vintage Duffel Bag

    Vintage Duffel Bags, like the ones you'll find here at Steel Horse Leather, have a timeless appearance that does not vanish. The bags we bring look simply as excellent as they performed in the past, and they'll continue to look great for years to come.

    Our Vintage satchel have a special patina. The natural tanning procedure leaves a mark on leather items and this is a lot more obvious with leather items that have actually been well used.

    Leather Weekend Satchel

    Our Leather Weekend Satchel is crafted from Crazy Horse Leather which is totally complete grain. Each piece of Leather we use is hand chosen and checked in our workshop to guarantee that just the finest pieces are used in our handmade leather bags. Our bags are perfect for both men and women as they have an unique ageless style to them.

    Leather Duffles

    The Steel Horse line of leather backpacks and leather duffles are designed for individuals who travel a lot. They want a bag that is long lasting, trendy, and comfy. We use the very best complete grain leather, strong zippers and solid hardware. All of this adds up to a bag that can hold its own on a hectic day.

    Steel Horse uses complete grain leather to craft the best leather knapsack and leather satchel on the marketplace. Complete grain leather is the highest grade of leather offered. It is the top layer of the hide left after the tanning process. The grain remains in tact since it was not sanded off like leading grain leather. Full grain leather is an extremely durable leather and will look excellent for years to come. Our bags can be ordered in a large range of colors.

    What To Look For In A Leather Duffel Bag?

    There are very important things to try to find, such as the kind of leather and the design of the bag. Knowing the size or capacity of the bag that you desire will also limit the selection. Also, the number of outsides and interior compartments will likewise be an element. For example, you might wish to choose a leather satchel that has a cushioned laptop computer sleeve. Similarly, the size of the laptop sleeve will also matter. You might also wish to consider whether you want a shoe compartment or not. And not to forget, how the bag handles and shoulder strap feels when you use it. All of these will assist you choose the best leather duffel bags for you.

    How to Clean Your Leather Duffel Bag

    Leather knapsack like any other luggage require to be tidy. Whether it is a quick weekend trip or a long and far journey, any satchel after an adventure will certainly require some cleaning. Leather satchel need some TLC (tender love and care). Leather is strong and long lasting yet it is a really delicate material to clean.

    Cleaning up leather needs the right tools and the best cleaning agents. NEVER completely immerse your leather when cleaning. Similarly, never ever clean it inside a washing device. All that tumbling and water will absolutely ruin your leather.

    All you need is to hand wash your leather. Usage leather cleaning up agents such as saddle soap to clean your leather. If there are none readily available you can utilize a mild hair shampoo or child soap. Utilize a tidy smooth cloth to dampen the leather, likewise utilize it to use the soap. Clean it as gently as possible by rubbing it in a circular motion. After you have applied the soap and have actually rinsed it right away wipe it dry with a dry clean smooth cloth.

    After it has totally dried, apply the leather conditioner to your leather. This will not just offer your leather a shine however likewise coats it with a protective layer. This will protect your leather from harmful aspects that may break down the leather from frequent use.

    Leather Workmanship and Details

    Here at Steel Horse Leather Co., we can assure you that every leather bag is high quality. Our leather bags are made with just the very best quality genuine leather, handcrafted by just the best leather artisans. Each leather artisan guarantees that every detail is made as best as it can be. From the straps to the zipper to the stitching all are made with the highest quality in mind.

    Half of what makes a bag strong is the material such as leather. But the other half likewise originates from its stitching. Our leather artisans guarantee that every stitching on every joint is stitched to excellence. With our bags, you can always rely on that they will never recover cost under heavy pressure. And also, when it concerns heavy pressure, we can ensure you that our bags are really comfy. From leather deals with to take on straps, all are strong and simple to carry. We even have padded shoulder straps for extra comfort.

    Our bags likewise have great strong information. Our leather craftsmens ensure that every completing of every part of the bag is at its highest quality. From the bag'' s overall structure to its vintage or modern style, every information is high quality.

    Quality Hardware

    High-grade leather and fantastic craftsmanship are not the only things we offer. Here at Steel Horse Leather Co., our leather knapsack are also made with premium hardware.

    We use only the greatest quality zippers. No other zipper is as worldly popular and as unrivaled in the fashion industry as YKK zippers. They are really strong and very reliable. We get the feeling of having a zipper breaking. It is really irritating and could ruin the whole garment. This is also true for leather bags. When the bag is stuffed, typically the zipper gets hard to pull and close. Ultimately, if your force to close a full bag the zipper will most likely break. With durable YKK zippers, you never ever need to fret about the zipper quickly breaking. Also, when you eventually close the bag, the YKK zippers will keep the bag close and secure. You will not need to worry about it break and rupturing open even when it is at optimum capacity.

    Similarly, our straps are attached to the bag with brass D rings. Brass D rings are sturdy rings that can hold a lot of weight. It does not easily flex nor does it easily rust. Its D ring design is likewise extremely useful. Because of its D-shaped design, the straps can easily be changed according to the choice of the user.