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How Instagram can help your nonprofit get into advertising

  • Instagram, owned by Facebook, last week announced it was working on its advertising platform. Instagram has over 300,000,000 users. Facebook has been accessed by over 1.44 trillion users. Facebook and Instagram are continually improving their user experience to make sure that their users don't want to leave the social networks they create. Nonprofits have the opportunity to capitalize on this trend. Instagram is a powerful tool for nonprofits to use.

    Individuals would often take screen shots of something they saw on Instagram. The best they could do was to take a screen shot of it and then research it or buy it later. free instagram followers

    Instagram has added the following buttons for posts: "Shop Now"," "Install Now", and "Learn More". The sponsored ads' images will show you how they look. This is meant to not impact the user experience. Let's assume that an Instagram user who follows your nonprofit finds a great photo about your mission. The button says "Learn More". They will be taken directly to your site. If you're really skilled at fundraising, you might send them directly to your donate page.

    Perhaps you want to encourage more people to take part in your team event and raise awareness for cancer. You can now imagine the possibilities with Instagram's "Sign up" button. It features a beautiful image above it. Imagine you're running a fundraiser, and you have amazing visuals to post on Instagram as sponsored ads. If you market and plan your campaign well, it is possible to tell a compelling tale and gain more followers. unlimited instagram followers