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Digital Stories- Interactive Whiteboard - Classroom Technology

  • The advancements in technology offer many new ways to learn. Other than interactive whiteboards that can be used for video conferencing, podcasting, and virtual classrooms it is also possible to create a story digitally. A digital story is composed of digital images, narration, text, music and video. Digital stories can be created as video, slide shows, or photo albums.

    While interactive whiteboard learning is a process that requires practice, students will quickly be able use the technology to create one great story using digital technology. Many teachers allow their students to work together in groups to create better and faster products. Moreover, the students will learn more of the new technologies by working hand in hand with their group mates. Students may also learn values and principles before, during, or after production. Students will also eventually learn the organization of a story if they keep an open mind. From gathering ideas to placing them on the storyboards, looking for informational contents, such as sound effects or speeches, searching, and collecting these contents. this website

    In addition, students will learn how to use the correct software required for the production and editing of digital stories. The most commonly used software for making these stories is MS PowerPoint, PhotoStory3, MovieMaker and iMovie. Any of these will help in producing good stories, depending on the availability of the program.

    These may seem complex but the present generation is capable of quickly adapting to the fast-moving technology that is the interactive whiteboard. Students can certainly create innovative and unique digital stories all on their own. whiteboard video marketing