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Social media as an internal communication strategy for business

  • Internal communications should be written in a language they understand. If this means that you have to create a Facebook account to communicate to employees, then do so.

    Communication strategies, however, are about aligning internal communication with business goals. Companies have a brand or image that they must uphold by consistently delivering to customers. The company's employees are the people who actually deliver its products and services. Employees must be aware of what the company is trying to accomplish. Employees must know what they are expected to achieve, both in terms of company image and career goals. internal communication apps

    It is not enough to address employees with a communication strategy. Guidance should be provided to the people who are conveying the message, along with tips which they can use in sharing the message. It should be aimed at all levels of company, not just the top. The tone of the entire organization is set when the boss opens her email with Dear Faceless Workforce (or an equivalent) rather than Bob's Great Marketing Team.

    Internal communication is not a one-way process. All parts of a business need to communicate with each other, both top-down and bottom-up. They all depend on the ability of the receiver to listen and the timing, pitch, and balance of communication. This internal communication has a direct impact on the company's health. internal communication mobile apps