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  • What are urban furniture and its various types?

    Urban furniture, or street furniture, is very common that we use often every day. So what is urban furniture? Is there any difference between urban and street furniture? And what are the common urban furniture types? At Tecirler Hardwood Company, we are a street, interior, and garden furniture manufacturer for more than 20 years. So today we prepared an informative post about urban furniture.
    Definition of Public Furniture

    Definition of Public Furniture

    As a quick definition, urban furniture points to the pieces of goods that we found in the urban environment like streets, parks, and other public areas. It is the general term for the furniture that is placed in public or semi-public spaces. Most of the time, because of public usage, they are fixed, or semi-fixed.

    On the other hand, street furniture includes all the objects or pieces of equipment that are placed along streets and roads.

    The planning, designing, and installing of the street furniture should involve;

    • Functionality,
    • Road and pedestrian safety,
    • Mobility,
    • Visual aspects,
    • And maybe most importantly; aesthetics.

    So what is the difference between urban furniture and street furniture? Actually not yet certain, street furniture is the ones that in the street. But urban furniture is placed in not only streets and roads, but also in other public places like parks or stations. Also, there is a slight difference in the purpose. Urban furniture refers more likely to relaxation and fun like benches. But street furniture also includes signs, warnings, traffic organizers. But, as I mentioned before, they are generally seen as the same terms and both are used for the same meaning.

    So what are the types of them what are the features? Right now we will see this.
    Types of Urban Furniture

    What are the Types of Urban Furniture

    So what are urban furniture types? General urban furniture types are;

    • Benches,
    • Litter bins,
    • Bike racks,
    • Signage,
    • Street lights,
    • Bus stops,
    • Bollards,
    • Tree protectors,
    • Seats,
    • Tables,

    And of course, there are many more. But there is an easier method to list them; categorization. According to some sources, we can group the furniture with these categories.

    • Rest Category; These are the furniture that gives us a place for the rest. The types are seats, all types of benches, picnic tables, gazebos, picnic tables, loungers, and others provide rest.
    • Play Category; Equipment for playing. This includes especially in the kid’s playgrounds. Also special entertainment goods like chess or similar plays.
    • Way Instructions Category; This includes the signs and instructions. Traffic signs, restriction signs, information signs, maps, and others.
    • Illumination Category; The main aim of these elements is to enlighten a space or a designated area. This is also very important to provide the safety of pedestrians. For example, a path that is highlighted with bollards.
    • Waste Disposal Category; This is also a very important category. Everything for collecting garbage or littering in public places is in this category. All types of wastebaskets, recycle bins and others are a kind of waste disposal element.
    • Shelter Category; These elements are equipment are for protecting people from rain, snow, or the sun. The most famous example of this is the bus stops. This sheltering may also include bench, lighting, or leaning posts or rails.
    • Uncategorized; There are so many other materials that we can’t directly categorize. This is why we call this name. There are countless of them like; drinking water fountains, bike holders, advertising posts, fences, newspapers, food or beverage kiosks, telephone boxes, fire hydrants, public lavatories, and many more.

    These are the general definition and types of urban furniture. At Tecirler Hardwood Company, we manufacture countless urban furniture types. We are very experienced in this business and we sold so many products to city management. You can check our website for many different types of elements.