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Why a Catalogue Or Brochure Is a Good Investment

  • Today's businesses face increasing difficulties in managing their advertising budgets because of low sales and lower customer response. It is not unusual for businesses to stop advertising during times of economic downturn and tight cash flow. It is at this point that a brochure and catalogue should be created. Product catalogs are an excellent way to promote your products and create a positive image in the marketplace. Customers are known to compare multiple supplier catalogues before buying products or services.

    Customer product catalogues can be as simple as a brochure made from an A4 piece of paper folded in half, to make a four-page A5. Depending on what paper you choose, the size of your product catalogue can be as large as a 64-page tomb in full color, saddle-stitched at spine or "perfect" bound (if it exceeds 64 pages). The average sheet-fed, litho-printed project will be delivered in seven days after signing off on the proofs. But this may vary according to the complexity and the project. Catalogue Aziza

    Online shopping carts as well as catalogues provide the possibility to search by keywords, price, or other criteria. This does have an advantage over the printed catalogue in that prices and information can be updated in a few mouse clicks, however typically this facility has contributed to the commoditisation of products, as the lowest common denominator for your customers making a buying decision becomes that of price. As they assume all other variables to be the same wherever they choose to make their purchase.

    A solid marketing strategy will include both print and Emedia strategies that target prospects and customers alike. It is not enough to just use one route to market. Every client I've dealt with in the mail-order market and all other companies that send their brochures to customers have experienced either a. An increase in business. Or b. Or b. An electronic presence is necessary for your business to be able to receive passive enquiries from outside. However, it will not generate new business if you rely solely on the internet to generate sales leads or sales in the connected world 2010. Print serves as a physical reminder about your organisation that is tangible and can be found on desks. Catalogue Monoprix