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How damaging are potholes and speed bumps to your tires?

  • As much as drivers find speed humps and potholes an annoyance, quite often they fail to consider the harm a bump or hole can do to their car. Particularly tyres are at risk for serious damage.

    Speed bumps are a nuisance to drivers, and they will all agree. Not only do they force drivers to suffer a bumpy ride but they also exacerbate some of the problems they are meant to solve. For example, speed humps in some shapes are actually smoother to go over more quickly. Speed humps can also increase noise and pollution because when cars do slow to traverse a hump, they generally accelerate again afterwards. Ironically though speed humps are meant to reduce accidents, driving distracted by making drivers negotiate high humps can prove to be more dangerous. Speed humps can cause serious damage to your vehicle, so people who live near humps will need to spend more money on vehicle maintenance. pothole repair near me

    Road repair can be costly, which is why many roads in the UK still have dangerous potholes. Even though potholes may sometimes be inevitable, motorists need to remember that even small potholes can cause damage or cracking. This can lead to greater problems such as deflation or bulging.

    Potholes can cause significant damage to car tires. Drivers should be aware of the signs. Bulging in tyres and suspension failure are all signs that your car has been affected by potholes. A driver should contact a tyre replacement or repair specialist if their car or tyres are damaged from driving on bumpy roads. It is important to replace or repair damaged tyres as soon as possible in order to keep them safe on the roads. If they get worse, it could cause an accident. check it out